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Discover the University Neighborhood when searching for public schools with a great academic track record, outstanding extracurricular activities, a diverse student body, and a community of passionately involved parents! Parents and guardians rave about the quality education and friendly environment at Ed Smith and Levy Elementary Schools. Nottingham High School, the city's magnet school for the arts, offers a wide variety of advanced placement and college preparatory courses. Please check out the "Say Yes to Education" program. And the area suffers no shortage of outstanding daycare, afterschool and Pre-K programs.

"We have found this Neighborhood to be a very positive place in which to raise our three sons. Ed Smith Elementary has provided a quality education for them, and we've been especially impressed by its music program. The community is full of many active and involved families who have helped to mold a solid, diverse, educational environment. Our immediate neighborhood includes many families with children of all ages. We always feel that our kids are safe playing outside, riding bikes, and skateboarding. Most of our close neighbors are long-term, committed members of the community who we have come to know as friends." - Dana S. (Parent)

"For me Ed Smith Elementary, Levy Middle (now K-8), and Nottingham High School have provided both a challenging academic atmosphere and an eye-opening cultural experiences. At Nottingham, I've had the opportunity to take advanced placement classes as well as college prep courses offered by Syracuse University, Le Moyne College, and SUNY-ESF. My brother - a jazz musician - thrived at Nottingham's arts magnet program and was offered scholarships to several top-rated college music programs when he graduated. Equally important, though, is the cultural education I've received. Walking down Nottingham's halls, I hear students speaking many different languages. I interact with teenagers of many different cultural, racial, and economic backgrounds. I am confident that Ed Smith, Levy, and Nottingham have prepared me for the realities of the diverse and multi-cultural world beyond." - Sydney S. (Student)

"Nottingham High School continues to offer east side families a rich, educationally-challenging environment for their children. Each graduating class sends many students to highly-competitive universities and colleges, and Nottingham is regularly recognized for its theater work. English as a Second Language families have been welcomed with new outreach efforts. Many students are making use of the new Career Center. The new athletic complex has become a popular site for high school sports events. And, the parental involvement that is well-known at area elementary schools has continued at Nottingham. Nottingham is a good place to be." -Molly V. (Parent)

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