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Discover the University Neighborhood where season to season, area residents are rarely at a loss for what to do with so many arts, sports, and recreation activities nearby. Summer finds locals enjoying the Barry Park playground, the Thornden Park pool and EM Mills Rose Garden, as well as the annual Shakespeare in the Park production, the Kitchen Tour and Art Trail Sale, a weekend-long bazaar featuring works by local artists. The annual Westcott Street Cultural Fair ushers in Autumn when sports enthusiasts flock to the famed Carrier Dome. Year-round, locals enjoy the offerings of the Westcott Community Center and the ever-changing scenery at nearby parks and trails.

"I adore Thornden Park -- my little urban country club! I volunteer my time working in the E. M. Mills Rose Garden, one of the oldest and most beautiful rose gardens in the country. Just above and to the north of the rose garden is the lily pond surrounded by a constantly blooming display of perennials also tended by neighborhood volunteers. In the summer I swim every day at Thornden Park Pool. I attend free Gilbert and Sullivan concerts and Shakespeare in the Park presentations in the Amphitheater. In the winter I cross-country ski the gentle hills of the park. In other seasons I walk the paved routes. The rolling terrain of Thornden Park is a jewel setting for a variety of trees, my favorite of which is the giant weeping birch near the northwest corner of the park." -Jeanette M.

"I'm a huge Syracuse University basketball fan and love the fact that I can conveniently walk to the games. I step out my front door and ten minutes later I'm in the Dome. And, when the game is over, instead of being stuck in a sea of traffic, I'm back home in a flash. It's just one of the many awesome perks of being a University Neighborhood resident." -Theo C.

"We love living in the University neighborhood. We have a great sense of community (one neighbor just helped us rebuild our fence) and nice green spaces. Plus there's so much to do in the area with our young daughter. We take her to the nearby Barry Park playground on sunny days (some folks from the suburbs come to our neighborhood just to walk and use the park!) The Westcott Cultural Fair is always fun. Petit Library has a number of programs geared towards children. I also love checking out local artists' wares at the yearly Art Trail. This is a great place to keep your family entertained!" -Amanda W.

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