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Green Living

Discover what's so "green" about the University Neighborhood! The ability to walk to work or drop into the area's many local businesses, the Real Food Co-op, bicycle lanes, community vegetable gardens, the seasonal regional farmer's market, ample parks and green space, public transportation and Centro hybrid buses, generous city recycling services, and a community of citizens dedicated to environmental issues and sustainability. More than any other area in Central New York, the University Neighborhood makes ecologically responsible living easy.

"My husband and I moved to the University Neighborhood from Berkeley, California - the epicenter of the organic and sustainability movements. Here in Syracuse I love being in an area where I can walk to work and the food co-op, where the neighbors are truly friendly and connected, and where we can take part in rich cultural offerings. In addition, my husband and I are able to grow organic food literally in our back yard - and we're not alone in that. We've had many dinners with neighbors who create a feast out of the organic vegetables they've grown. In terms of eating sustainably, I think the University Neighborhood has it all over the San Francisco Bay area--after all, I can get to an organic farm and an organic winery in less than 20 minutes from my front door. You gotta love that!" -Jennifer B.

"This is such an easy neighborhood to 'go green' in. My husband walks to work at SU and I take public transportation to my job downtown. We need and own only one car. Our yard is small enough to use a push mower, but substantial enough for a French-style herb and veggie garden. Several of my neighbors have plots at the nearby community vegetable garden. The Real Food Co-op is about a seven minute stroll from our house. And the local parks and elementary school are short five minute walks." -Margaret M.

"It's a lot easier to be 'green' when you live within walking distance of the local food co-op, great cafes and other eclectic shops. But what I appreciate most about this neighborhood is the support for creative, sustainable practices. Our rain barrel and front yard vegetable garden are appreciated and encouraged." -Jessica M.

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