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Discover the University Neighborhood! It has the well-deserved reputation as Syracuse's most culturally, racially, sexually, politically, religiously, and artistically diverse neighborhood in the city! Residents include college professors, students, artists, musicians, retirees, government employees, and businesspeople. The daylong Westcott Street Cultural Fair spotlights the multi-cultural character of the area annually while neighborhood residents celebrate diversity, tolerance, and respect year-round.

"When I made the decision as a single professional woman to foster and subsequently adopt a child to create a bi-racial family, I could think of no other neighborhood to invest in other the University Neighborhood. My neighbors have been supportive and accepting of my choice for which I am very grateful." - Caroline B.

"If you were to drop in on our annual "block party" you would meet an amazing mix of people: three generations from the Congolese family on the corner, two toddlers with their architecture professor parents, an 88-year-old Japanese woman who has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years, an Hispanic house painter/restorer, young professionals with graduate student partners, and college students from all over the continental U.S. and across the globe. Getting to know my neighbors is always rewarding, and the diversity of the university neighborhood is a priceless gift." - Grace F.

"As a lesbian from the 'big city' of Atlanta, I was unwilling to buy a home in a neighborhood that was anything less than 'queer-friendly'. When I relocated to Syracuse for a new and exciting position, I rented for about a year in order to have time to 'shop' neighborhoods. I knew the reputation of the University Neighborhood as welcoming, culturally rich and diverse. So, I bought my place in the Summer of 2004. Now that I have lived here for several years, I can attest to its 'queer friendliness'. I love the neighborhood because the people in it are welcoming and accepting. I never have to worry about whether or not I can be 'out.' It's simply not an issue! This neighborhood is just as friendly as midtown Atlanta, which is the 'queer mecca of the South'. I would encourage any LGBT folks looking for an incredibly friendly place to enjoy 'family' to live in the University Neighborhood!" -Julie G.

"City schools provide a safe, challenging and outstanding education for anybody willing to learn. I have attended city schools all my life and have found both social and educational benefits that will last a lifetime. The environment within city schools is so diverse that it's not hard to befriend many people who come from all over the world. Learning so many new things about other people and their cultural backgrounds is rewarding. Students here develop the understanding and respect for those who are different. With such a large population of differences including special needs, students here are constantly learning. It's an education in itself. Parents are so adamant about preparing their child for the real world, yet many seem so resistant to sending their kid to the city schools. Nottingham and other city schools are a reflection of the real world, with its various types of people and attitudes. Today, we live in a global society and we shouldn't isolate ourselves in a homogeneous world. We need to be open to different cultures. Nowhere else in Central New York can you get the cultural diversity that is so reflective of our society as you can in city schools. I could never imagine going to school anywhere else. I hope someday people will consider it for what it's worth, because the educational value I am getting out of city schools is worth a million." - Maggie S.

Children and parents gather for story hour at the Westcott Fair